A one-word answer, YES.  Adult day services are the premier approach to long-term care without causing major emotional disruption in people or forcing them out of their homes.  They get supervision, rehabilitation, interaction with others, meals they might skip at home and their medications administered.  Collectively these are powerful services.  So where is the problem?


Often with some planning, we can avoid making someone depressed for the sake of our own convenience.

Not every senior and not every disabled person wants to spend 6 to 8 hours per day feeling as though they are forced to mingle with others.  Some who may be accustomed to being home and managing their schedules with absolute independence might be better candidates for a little in-home help depending upon the level of daily assistance and supervision that are needed.  Sometimes a  combination is needed that brings home care and adult day care together but just like fine wine, adult day care has to be treated as an acquired taste for some.  Often participation has to be gradual or we could end up causing someone to become unhappy, downhearted and lose their spirit and will to stay energetic.  Is that the plan you prefer to follow for your parents?


What time is the pick-up vs. what time mom prefers to get up the last 20 years?

Consideration has to be paid to how much the adult day care schedule would cut into the person’s routine.  No one enjoys having their routine suddenly disturbed, especially a mentally and physically limited senior citizen.  Would you want someone to do that to you?  If the center tells you their van can only come for a pick-up on that street between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. but your mom normally does not get up and start moving around until 9:30 this could be a significant adjustment.  A gradual approach can be easier to swallow.

Care planning is an involved process and adult day care should be on the list of options for every vulnerable adult.  Just make sure you approach it for long-term results so you avoid short term disappointment and failure.

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