ADC Providers

ADC Providers

Adult day care providers are on the forefront of care reform across North America. By combining specialization with person-centered clinical approaches, these program operators are in the best position to help reduce hospital readmissions. By so doing close to $300 Million dollars are saved by America’s hospitals.

Our role is to ensure the adult day services provider is fully equipped to execute a quality effort that is solid in care and business areas. While each provider has to verify requirements in your area of practice, our continuing education and staff development products will add polish to your operation.

ADC Providers


This includes over 100 In-Service outlines and a special course written specifically for adult day care centers on Blood Borne Pathogen management. Add to that an online school designed on a subscription basis just for you. The School…

Add to that the direction we provide in policy development and in helping providers to develop a Personal Care Plaza and add potentially tens of thousands of dollars to their annual bottom-line. Contact us for more information and be sure and visit the products area to begin making usage of the kind of tools that can set you apart today.



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