PIC - ME 2005I can recall the day Friendly Adult Day Care & Respite Center added the work of a podiatrist to those who attended to our program participants.  It was needed since we served a number of diabetics and their families could not take days off work to take them back and forth to see a foot specialist.  Early on with one of the doctors we were using it was one nightmare after another.  Should I have seen it coming?  maybe….

This one doctor would call a couple of hours in advance, tell my staff to take everyone into one room as he was not about to walk into 3 or 4 rooms to see everyone.  He then said to make sure someone was immediately available for verifying insurance info etc. as he did not want to waste much time on that either.  He added an instruction for me to be sure and schedule the appointments as many months in advance as possible.


Every visiting professional must adhere to the same code of conduct as adult day care center staff

While I respected his desire for efficiency it soon became obvious to me that he did not share my tender touch toward serving vulnerable adults, especially the medically fragile elderly.  His manner was a “rush-rush” approach and I noticed on more than one occasion he did not even look his patients in the face.  That was enough for me.

All of us have to rely upon the services of other professionals to make our services work.  And we should be as accommodating as possible for them.  However, they must share your approach and values or the marriage will not be a meaningful one for those you serve.  In addition they must share your affection for those vulnerable adults who rely upon you to be cared for with true compassion and protected.

To allow someone to serve them who does not aspire to those ideals is a real mistake.

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