PIC - ELDERLY SITTING ON COUCHThere is nothing negative about compassion driving anyone’s entry into long-term care, especially community based care.  The opportunity to help family caregivers manage stress and add to the dignity and safe well-being of the most vulnerable among us is a lofty calling.

Adult day health care, primarily the medical model programs have become real beacons of care across America.  Providing a wide array of services these programs have become the official partners of hospitals who rely upon these centers to help minimize premature hosptal re-admissions.

With the right mix of medication administration, nutrition planning and monitoring, hydration schedules and physical rehabilitation, a discharged patient can benefit from a consistent routine aimed at stability and recovery.  All of this has to be driven by a comprehensive plan of care.

Some have lamented that regardless of the loftiness of the program goals that there are no earnings available through such initiatives.  While we have PIC - HELPING ELDERLY WITH SHOWERnot heard this from any MBAs or financial professionals we still felt the need to state our position that such a conclusion is not rooted in reality.  Success in adult day health has lots to do with how a program is established, managed and how the legs of services are organized.

Many programs are or can rely upon income via:

  1. Medicaid waiver fees for attendance
  2. Medicare dollars and private insurer dollars for physical rehabilitation
  3. Offering safe, dignified showers as a personal care plaza to the chronically obese and others who cannot receive these at home.  The average cost is $65.00 per visit

Under the right management, with the right marketing and ensuring the program has multiple legs, there is no way such an effort will come up short financially.  Those who state otherwise either do not know the full power of this wonderful business model or simply have tried and failed using all of the wrong approaches.

Again, compassion for others is a powerfully spiritual motivator.  However, there is also earning potential in managing adult day health care programs that experienced business professionals are well aware of.

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