PIC - CENTRAL GEORGIA GREEN BANNER SOCIAL MEDIAAdult day programs, which are becoming more and more clinical need truly defined organizational tools.  Nowadays the task of these tools has expanded as billing to Medicaid and Medicare become essential parts of many operations.

Clinically competent programs partner with skilled nursing centers and hospitals in an effort to ensure patients being discharged have options that promote medical stability right in their own communities.  We have discovered multiple software tools that allow for efficient admissions, discharges, plan of care development and state specific medical billing.  One of these is available for lease or purchase and can be learned about at www.schemesoftware.com.

The value of having the right organizational tools cannot be overstated.  These tools contribute to heightened income, improved plan of care execution and monitoring.  Further these tools can be instrumental in both social and clinical model programs.


Since managed care organizations tend to insist upon daily attendance records to verify billings, the right tools also help us to remain audit proof.  This is another important operational consideration.


Yes there are tons of programs we can use.  There may even be some tools you can personally customize.  What is important is that if we are truly committed to managing the best possible program, we need to do it right.  Everyone wins in the end.

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