The Forgotten

Dr. Erma Leverette called three, (3) adult day care centers in the Los Angeles, California area with the goal of gathering information and choosing one in which to enroll  her aunt.  To her surprise and disappointment, not one of those who answered the phone could give her a price for daily attendance.  Not one would agree to email her a rate chart with a breakdown of available services.  Each was a contracted provider with a Medicaid waiver agent and it would appear that they simply did not give attention to those who would never qualify to be enrolled into a Medicaid waiver program, as was the case with Erma’s aunt with over $1 Mil in assets.

Does this describe your program?  Does your public information kit include a rate chart and a breakdown of available services for those who would not qualify to have services publicly reimbursed?

The Former Friendly Adult Day Care & Respite Center – Detroit, I 1995; owned by the McCollum Family

While it is true a significant percentage of reimbursement funds for adult day care services comes from public payers, it is estimated that up to 32% of this revenue is paid by the program users.  With an average national cost of $1300.00 per month, per user adult day service are still less of a regular investment than quality assisted living.  Add to this reality the fact that in multiple jurisdictions, the maximum monthly income a Medicaid waiver enrollee can have is around $2200.00 or less, and you find out lots of people who need adult day care have to pay for it themselves.

So, the question of program income diversity is a valid one for the adult day care operator.  It all starts with being able to respond to everyone who may need us.

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