PIC - CRITICAL SKILL CLASS 10-2011Staff development is often the first item questioned when a family of an adult day care participant questions an incident. To what extent was this person prepared to respond to this sudden illness? You publish this organizational philosophy but what did you have in place to reinforce this into the minds and practices of your staff? You told us at the time of admissions that you practice a person-centered model of preparedness, so why is it your staff was not even aware that mom was susceptible to this condition and subsequently prepared to handle it?

These questions can come up with any business that serves vulnerable adults. We just have to hope they do not come up in a deposition.

PIC - WEBINAR OSHA TRNGAdult day care operators are generally well-meaning people who are quality of life focused. But when training and ongoing staff development falls to one person or one group who also shoulders other responsibilities, there can be gaps in what gets accomplished. The most meaningful solution? A pre-designed set of courses that meet with the requirements of your state or province and that you can arrange to have conducted on demand. You then document what was completed and reinforce this training through regular in-service sessions.

Staff development surely is a main contributor to success in rendering quality adult day services. So be sure your approach is consistent, no stone is left unturned and everything is documented for the good of the staff and their confidence and for the protection your business needs.

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