These centers shape family life in many communities

Adult day care and the often designated “adult day health care” centers are important tools to help people remain socially active and medically stable within their communities.  They also keep families together.

Entrepreneurs approaching this business model as prospective operators often do tremendous homework, ensuring they are familiar with applicable regulations and certain care protocol.  Many more hire technical advisors who can guide their entry into the business and ensure the ingredients for success are in place.


Store owners need to listen to their customers; the ones buying the goods

Unfortunately what some miss in all of this is similar to what some stores miss when selecting locations, product brand additions and more.  They miss the required discussions, early on, with the source of the money.  For a store it might be talking to the prospective customers in the neighborhood.

For an adult day care, it might be an in-depth discussion with local agents of Medicaid waivers, managed care organizations and others about how to qualify to be paid by their financial pools as a service provider.  This dialogue educates you early on about the exact needs of the community including shortages of certain services within specific boundaries.

In addition it allows for a familiarity with the average fees paid for adult day services in various categories; of special importance in places like Texas with over 30 payer category types for adult day care centers.

These conversations need to take place before the business is started.

So as you approach the business be concerned about how you prepare and what you prepare but be careful not to misprioritize the WHEN you prepare.

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