PIC - OPEN HEART COMM CARE ADC IDENTITY 2This week we spent time enjoying the open house event of Open Heart Community Care’s adult day care program.  We thank those who phoned later in the day indicating they could not join us but asked for a time to visit later.  This is an enhanced social model program with a special focus on seniors with dementia.  However, its focus is special for other reasons.

This program can never accommodate more than thirty, (30) persons per day.  Why does that matter?  A small program is a complement to larger ones in a meaningful way.  Far too many seniors find larger programs just too overwhelming to enjoy and to become comfortable within.  They walk in and similar to a person suffering from PTSD they hear noise that may not even be there.  It simply is their own internal reaction to the environment they see and/or perceive.  As a result the experience in the adult day care is not a meaningful or fulfilling one.

Additionally programs with 20 – 30 people daily allow for staff to be more intimately involved with everyone enrolled in the program.  This creates a real person-centered environment that serves everyone well.


Staff like Katrina eagerly look forward to keeping program users busy.

Activities are easier to  monitor and memory care takes on a look of personalization.  In the process families can rest easier about the program’s ability to render quality services and the staff does not face being stretched too thin.

Operating at 18150 Thirteen Mile Rd. in Roseville, Michigan the program is ready to serve. As a faith-based non-profit, participation is for a daily contribution of $35.00 for a six, (6) hour day and $50.00 for an eight, (8) hour day.   More details available at www.openheartccadc.org.



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