PIC - CONTINUUM OF CARE PURPLEWe are hearing more and most about dissatisfaction with adult day care franchise organizations.  Complaints range from ineffective marketing to a lack of legitimate, meaningful support for franchisees and an under-developed clinical approach to care delivery overall.  One provider recently shared with our publishers that the national franchise organization they represent has no mass-media marketing campaign and the operational support is next to invisible.

As we sorted through these complaints we could not help but think of one of the most comprehensive approaches to patient stabilization involving community based care that franchises are missing.  That is the development of strategically positioned programs with one owner with multiple programs that serve different population types.  Why is this important?

Well its called “care along the continuum”.  When an enrollee or program participant in one program de-compensates or medically declines they can be transitioned into a different program with the same managerial oversight whose program is geared toward that population.  Perhaps the more advanced program is specifically designed for the advanced dementia sufferer or someone with paralysis which all of a sudden affects someone due to stroke or accident.  With multiple centers in one family the approach known as “care along the continuum” kicks in and the care can continue with an approach this person has already become accustomed to.

In the process we still keep people out of institutional care while ensuring they remain medically stable in their communities.  Its food for thought for the care-minded entrepreneur.

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