PIC - CENTRAL GEORGIA ADULT DAY EXTERIOR PIC W SIGNAGEMore and more adult day programs are becoming boons of clinical education for their communities.  This is especially true of those who offer rehabilitative services.  While focusing on what is best to keep care along the continuum in place, some centers offer Diabetes Self-Management Training.  In some instances it is provided to individuals and in other situations it is offered in groups and is reimbursable via Medicare Part B.

There are requirements associated with the process. Medicare covers training on an individual basis for a Medicare beneficiary under any of the following conditions:


  1. No group session is available within two months of the date the training is ordered;
  2. The beneficiary’s physician (or qualified non-physician practitioner) documents in the beneficiary’s medical record that the beneficiary has special needs resulting from conditions, such as severe vision, hearing or language limitations or other such special conditions as identified by the treating physician or non-physician practitioner, that will hinder effective participation in a group training session; or
  3. The physician orders additional insulin training.
The need for individual training must be identified by the physician or non-physician practitioner in the referral.

As a complement, many of these centers publish health focused newsletters, if not monthly then bi-monthly or quarterly and distribute these throughout their communities.  By doing so, they are taken seriously by the long-term care community as a true clinical partner.

Those needing assistance in developing a Diabetes Self-Management Training Program, integrating it into the adult day services initiative, obtaining qualification for Medicare reimbursement and publishing a “Healthy Newsletter” should contact Direct Care Training & Resource Center, Inc. for direction.

All of us must look for ways we can expand how we contribute to the good health of those we serve and the under-served in our communities.

Thanks for allowing our firm to share. Penny for your thoughts.


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