PIC - ADULT DAY CARE IMAGE 2Adult day health care continues to grow throughout the world with providers giving families a basis for comfort, household management and security for someone they love.  The rehabilitative components of adult day care make these programs of even greater significance.

Operators often do not come from sales backgrounds, some do not come from clinical backgrounds and for this reason may feel some trepidation when discussing the financial advantages of adult day care with both public funders and families paying privately for their services.  This must be overcome!

At least two, (2) people in the center must be a in a position to discuss the financial advantages of adult day services.  Here is a simplistic look:


Quality assisted living can easily cost $3750.00 to $7500.00 monthly depending upon the needs of the resident and the assisted living program type.  Adult day care at $75.00 per day is $1500.00 per month and:

  1. A vulnerable adult, including one with dementia, is not home alone posing a danger to themselves and their property
  2. A vulnerable adult can be the recipient of rehabilitative therapies without having to visit multiple facilities per week
  3. A family can avoid the disruption of premature placement into a 24-hour facility

Develop a grid of some type in your center, laminate it and be prepared to refer to it when meeting with families and care planners.  Include comparisons of costs with at least five, (5) known assisted living programs in your area versus what it cost to use your program.  The visual impact will serve your marketing well.  Your website should discuss this also.

Surely you must know the clinical, community and familial advantages too but the financial cannot be ignored.

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