Every business wants to enjoy loyalty from customers, clients, residents, patients, etc. for decades.  After all it is often less expensive and a bit less tiring to keep serving those who know you as opposed to the exhaustive efforts associated with attracting new buyers.


Stale is Never Good in Business

The truth is many businesses do not lose customers as a result of bad service.  Many businesses do not find their customers trying the services of others because they are 100% dissatisfied with you.  Then why do some customers or clients develop the wandering eye?  It has much to do with society and we will tell you why.

We live in a fast-moving, information based world where the loudest, most attractive and most creative tend to get the most attention.  Too many businesses cannot benefit from this due to a refusal to adapt and change.  They become stale, like the expired and over-used air freshener in the bathroom.


This is why restaurants change menus and why other business models need to have the same approach.  Adult day care centers need to have education days wherein diabetes management among the elderly and the sedentary is discussed with a healthcare professional.  Assisted living providers need to hold community open house events and educate the neighborhood on recognizing early warning signs of dementia.  Medical transportation companies need to host ride-alongs wherein case managers and others can spend time observing the difference in how you operate compared to others.  Security companies need up-to-date crime statistics and then use these to educate your communities on the best ways to stay prepared, perhaps with a door-to-door postcard campaign and a regular newsletter.  You do believe in serving your community right?

You need to mix it up!  It is so easy to become used to how a floor looks, how a brochure looks, how we communicate, how we market, how we operate in general.  The problem is it does not take that much more excitement to cause a loyal customer to become intrigued with the noise coming from and the willingness to change on the part of a worthy competitor!  Head it off by refusing to be stale!

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