This is really a great lady who cares about her patients.  She tries to know what care services are available in the community and has been known to call my office so she can be sure about making recommendations to families.  I see her around town at open house and networking events.

Recently she phoned a colleague about an 80 year-old veteran.  He had been pretty strong until a recent stroke.  Assisted living, a clinically competent model seemed to be a really good option after his stint in rehab but the thought of it he hated.  His closest relative, a daughter in Hawaii wanted his wishes honored.  So my thought was lets go with a combination adult day care and in-home assistance at key times of the evening and morning to help keep him stable.

Home care personnel would come in during the morning hours to help him get ready for the day including bathing, breakfast and dressing, although he still has lots of ability to do many things for himself.  The adult day care picks him up at 9 a.m. and he continues to receive certain rehabilitative therapies in the center.  A neighbor is paid to help him get  dinner and ready for bed Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and the home care company handles the other three, (3) evenings per week.

The main concern the social worker had was whether or not an adult day care program would simply put him in a corner and let him sit for hours on edge or really take an interest in his need to be socially engaged while at the same time monitoring his blood pressure and glucose during each visit.  She had never heard of a medical model program.

The lesson for adult day care programs is simple:  Do not neglect the clinical edge that makes you a real asset to the community.  If you already have PIC - BUILDING BRAND WITH EVENTS MANUAL COVERput in place those mechanisms that make you stand out but fear nobody knows, maybe its time to schedule those quarterly open house events.  That color brochure has to speak to more than just the pretty kitchen and the sturdy geriatric chairs.

In any event, no one is going to wave your flag better than you.  Just make sure it never stops waving!

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