We have to take care of people just like we take care of structure.

Amidst the fight against ISIS, crumbling roads and bridges and other infrastructural issues facing America, we still cannot justify ignoring the need for a progressive approach when it comes to long-term care.  Adult day care should immediately become a Medicare reimbursed option for seniors and other disabled adults regardless of whether or not they qualify for Medicaid waiver enrollment and regardless of whether or not the center has taken steps to become an outpatient rehab center, an entirely different and more diverse business model.  Click Here for a wonderful write-up about the efforts of U.S. Rep. Linda Sanchez, (D-CA) who wants to expand options for seniors.  Here are some of the congresswoman’s comments:

“We owe it our seniors to provide them with quality health care, and they deserve to have the full range of care choices,” said Congresswoman Sánchez.    “Adult day care is an important option for seniors who need rehabilitative care or help with daily life tasks, but don’t need around-the-clock care.  This legislation provides a cost-effective Medicare choice by paying adult day care providers 98% of the home health rate.  This bill also provides crucial relief to family caregivers, who often struggle to balance work and caring for their loved ones full-time.”

PIC - MEDICARE CARDProgressive thinking about the needs of an aging population led to the formation of Medicare.  Progressive thinking about the needs of an aging population led to home health care being added as a reimbursable Medicare option.  Progressive thinking about the needs of an aging population led to the creation of Medicare Part D, prescription drug coverage.  Now its time for that same progressive thinking to lead to the expansion of additional care options and assign Medicare numbers and specific service codes for services to adult day health providers.


Adult day health programs provide the very best option for seniors to remain medically stable in their communities after hospital discharge.  They are the ideal partners for hospitals and present a wonderful home away from home that can cut into the rampant self-neglect affecting so many Americans, especially those who live alone.  They also help alleviate caregiver stress, a major contributor to abuse and neglect of the elderly and disabled.

The question is, how progressive are we willing to be?  Sign-in and share your thoughts.


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