All of us at one time or another end up in an auto parts store. Maybe its just for wiper fluid or a decorative items for your classic ride. Among the popular suppliers in America is Auto Zone.

PIC - AUTO ZONEIf you’re a real marketer you have to love their signs. They clearly indicate that their mission is only partially represented by the sale of auto parts. They also provide advice and accessories and the advice is a huge seller.

They have these portable devices to check what signals your vehicle is sending which many use as pre-education before they head to a mechanic and have to take the mechanic’s word for what might be wrong diagnostically with their engine.

How does any of this relate to adult day care? Well more and more in America and across the world are installing the barrier free showers so any participant can receive safe, dignified personal care which may not be available at home. Imagine an 80 year old wife trying to shower or bathe her 80 yer old husband after his recent immobilizing stroke. Having this taken care of in the center is a true blessing.

PIC - FOX CHASE SHOWER 2 resizedOf course some come to the center multiple times weekly for that safe shower who do not attend the adult day care program personally. This occurs for those centers with the multiple usage as a Personal Care Plaza. From stroke survivors to the chronically obese to those catastrophically injured in auto accidents, the service is needed.

The question for the provider is whether or not like Auto Zone, you are educating the public about what you do, that they might not be expecting.

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