PIC - MEMORY CARE PROGRAM SIGNSuccess in adult day care rests with many factors.  These include having a clinically competent and properly managed memory care initiative, outstanding sanitation program and a meaningful activities routine.  And yet all of these revolve around one other critical factor:  The attitude of those who are responsible for executing these processes daily, your staff.


The ones on the front-line are making you shine.

More often than we care to admit, employers forget about who really is getting the work done.  A sense of expectation is created that revolves only around the fact they we are paying people to do a job but our concern may not extend beyond that.  This can be a real problem.  Employees need attention just like those enrolled in the program do and there are strategies we can employ to ensure they get it and in the process feel appreciated.

Try these:

  1. Have meaningful group and individual discussion on day to day issues.  Ask if any program enrollee is particularly difficult to work with or satisfy.  Ask for and offer suggestions on  managing any specific challenges that are referenced.
  2. Offer your help on a personal level to deal with special challenges, hands-on.
  3. Arrange for private sessions with each employee to ask them if they feel the work they are doing is contributing to their personal happiness.  Reference those in the program whom you know have been helped by the efforts of this employee and stress why they should feel good about that.
  4. Educate staff on religious and other differences affecting enrollees to avoid anyone becoming offended or feeling isolated based upon how they are treated.
  5. Check the budget.  Can you give a bonus of $250.00 each to your staff this quarter?  $100.00? Whatever the amount is approach it with a sincere feeling of appreciation so everyone understands that you can see their value.  Don’t be cheap!

Keep staff happy and you will thrive.

Happy employees can make the world of difference.  They are more supportive, more reliable and will go that extra mile to add to your success.  Can you see its really worth it?

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