PIC - SBA LOGOMost adult day care programs enter into some debt at inception.  Some may borrow from banks using Small Business Administration products such as the SBA Express or 7-A loans, others utilize their own home equity lines while others rely upon private investors.

Investors often find adult day care programs worthy projects if they are:

  1. Innovative in Design
  2. Combined with other care initiatives, i.e. physical rehabilitation
  3. Aggressively marketed
  4. Serves or plans to serve multiple populations

While person-centeredness must always be a concern and is most often associated with small programs, we now have programs serving up to 200 people per day in large, well-equipped facilities who appear to be accomplishing this in grand fashion.  These centers are separated by population types and serve  a wide variety of their communities with real finesse.


Private investors do well to study the business model first

Financiers from community investment agencies, to private equity groups to banks and individual investors are intrigued by adult day programs.  What most seek is more education and information about how these business models earn.

We recently introduced printed and recorded programs to help financiers and entrepreneurs learn about the financial dynamics of adult day care.

Click Here for the Printable Presentation

Click Here for the Recorded Visual Presentation

These are designed to give you a heads up as you contemplate this business model from whatever perspective.

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