Comprehensive Adult Day Care Centers use the Right Equipment to Create the Perfect Community Based Care Alternative

The adult day health care center is becoming the beacon of all inclusive care in American communities.  From neuro-rehab, to aquatic therapy to family counseling to help people manage stressful caregiving to barrier free personal care for the chronically obese, these neighborhood clinical initiatives are urgently needed and are saving lives.  Programs that have existed for some time are now modifying themselves to stay with the tide.

As you contemplate combining the usual elements of adult day health care, i.e. supervision, personal care, structured activities, etc. with physical rehabilitation services, especially  those seeking to operate as a CORF or Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitative Facility you must not ignore a regulatory reality.  As beneficial as certain elements of a CORF are which allows you to provide and bill for the services of physicians, nurses, social workers and others be sure there are not geographic restrictions in your state of operation.

Some states including Florida only allow so many outpatient rehab facilities in a given area, perhaps to help avoid market flooding.  Other states have no such restrictions and do not even bother to license such facilities provided they have certification by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.


The Barrier Free Shower Makes a World of Difference

Bottom-line is that adult day health needs to be comprehensive and making certain strategically managed rehabilitative services available is important.  Just do not get too deep into the planning without making sure your state will allow these important program elements.

So be sure and check with your State Departments of Health or Human Services to ascertain specific restrictions that apply to outpatient rehabilitation.

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