PIC - CCTV WALL MOUNTEDToday we see them everywhere, from the bus station to the child day care center to assisted living programs.  Adult day care providers are using them widely and many more are likely contemplating doing so.  Of course where they are installed is tied to what is accepted by regulators in a given area.  While they are never acceptable in bedrooms or bathrooms they can be a liability reducer in common or activity areas.

They can prove whether or not a staff member is being impatient with a center program participant or if they are inflicting any type of abuse.  In this way false accusations can be refuted.  On a more proactive note a center management team can use them to draw attention to certain approaches and let footage serve as training sessions.  This can be especially important when reinforcing training on interacting with dementia sufferers.  A staff member could be shown how to use the right body language techniques to pursue cooperation from someone with dementia who may not respond to verbal cues.  This can be of crucial importance during fires or other emergencies.

So yes cameras have their place.  Let’s just be sure and use them with a productive plan in place and not in a creepy way.